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The first PSMs were sold about 20 years ago and used the latest digital camera software and protocols. But there have been vast improvements in technology since then, and this means that early PSMs are reaching the ends of their life computer-wise but are just as healthy as new hardware-wise.

For this reason, Optical Perspectives Group is offering an upgrade package for the PSM to bring it back up to contemporary technology standards. The package includes a Dell Latitude laptop with Windows 10 Pro, an Intel 11th Gen Core i5 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD hard drive.

Of course, new laptops no longer have FireWire ports so the package also includes a new FLIR BFS USB3 camera with 3.45 um pixels to give the upgraded PSM resolution that is 60% greater than the original FireWire camera.

Disclaimer: All specifications and prices are subject to change.

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