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Our new manual centering station has all the features of our motorized centering station except that the vertical stage is manually operated and has a vertical travel of about 280 mm. The vertical height is read out directly by a digital micrometer to 10 um rather than from the computer, as in the motorized version. The 600 x 450 x 60 mm thick, damped breadboard baseplate is the same for both stations. The breadboard makes it easy to attach any sort of custom tooling needed.

The manual centering station is equipped with a Bessel beam grating that generates a Bessel beam and serves as the reference axis for centering. The optical sensor for the station is a Point Source Microscope (PSM). When not in use, it can be easily demounted for other optical metrology applications.

Included are two fiber-coupled, variable-intensity laser diode sources, one producing a transmitted beam and one coupled to the PSM producing a reflected beam. Two oilless vacuum pumps provide vacuum chucking for both the lens seat and the lens being centered. (The customer must design and make their own tooling, but we will suggest easy methods of designing the lens mounts.)

The manual centering station is purpose-built for cementing doublets and assembling lens systems in cells up to 150 mm in diameter. Its design facilitates easy lens centering to a few seconds of arc through simple lateral adjustments, providing direct eye/hand feedback for precision. No rotary table is necessary to accomplish precision centering.

Click here to download the mechanical drawing.

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