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    Jeff Beckler
    Retired Special Projects Manager
    at Kreischer Optics

    “The Point Source Microscope is a great tool for all types of measurements. I’m retired but some years back we had Bob make a cementing station using the PSM. I had a project that had Germanium and Silicon lenses around 8” diameter I needed to center. The clear aperture was out to the edge so using a stylus was not a good choice. I took the PSM off the cementing station and set it up to use to center the lenses on a custom made lathe.

    It worked perfectly allowing me to center down to .0001″ using the image provided by the PSM and connected to the computer provided. It’s very versatile for many applications, as I used it also in cementing of lenses. This was all done at Kreischer Optics, with my great friend and owner Cody Kreischer who I dearly miss.”

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    Suresh Sivanandam
    Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics
    University of Toronto
    “Just wanted to share a recent success aligning an adaptive optics test bed with the PSM. We used to use a traditional alignment telescope in the past, but the PSM made the whole process really easy and fast. The main requirements were to quickly determine the quality of beam collimation and pupil conjugates since there are several beam expanders and compressors with multiple pupil and focal planes.”
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    Sara Moein
    UNCC graduate student
    UNCC optical engineering graduate student
    “PSM is a great tool and I am happy I got to work with it and publish the work.”
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    Daniel Sickinger
    Sr. Principle Engineer-Optical
    Northrop Grumman
    “Your PSM is awesome to use!”
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    Ron Appels
    Tucson Optical Research Corp
    “We would like to thank Optical Perspectives for their help. Bob was a vital part of this project and the PSM was instrumental in the alignment of the lens system. We look forward in continuing to do more business with Bob and Optical Perspectives.”
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    Brian W. Taylor
    Detector Scientist at The Australian National University
    “Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your PSM!”
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    Steven L.
    “Still a big fan of the PSM!”
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