CaliBall™ II


A horizontal interferometer calibration device.

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The CaliBall II is used in horizontal interferometer set ups and is held in a Zygo type 4” bayonet mount that provides the adjustments to align the CaliBall II to the transmission sphere.

Details of the CaliBall™ II package:

The CaliBall™ II comes with all the same components as CaliBall™ I but it is better suited for use with horizontal looking interferometers that are equipped with a Zygo style 4” bayonet mount with x-y-z adjustments
CaliBall™ II does not need a separate x-y-z mount because the bayonet mount performs this function
The Random Ball Test* has been reviewed in papers by authors at both NIST and CSIRO who conclude they are not aware of a better method of transmission sphere calibration.
(See papers about the Random Ball Test under Technical Papers)

*The Random Ball Test is not reliable for calibrating transmission spheres slower than about f/7.

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