Free Psm Data Logging Software Available

A user of a PSM mentioned that it was too bad that data of spot positions could not be logged in the PSM Align software. This is true, data cannot be logged in the PSM Align software, but there is a version of the software designed for use with the centering station, LCS-PSM Align, that does log data. We do not send this version of the software out with the PSM alone because we figure it is not needed, at least initially, and it just adds more to the time to get familiar with the PSM.

On the other hand…

If you have a need to log data versus time as in a drift test to monitor changes with temperature or other environmental factors, we will gladly send you to a link where you may download the LCS-PSM software. Another place where this software is useful is if you have an application where a device is moved at a constant velocity, you can log spot position data versus a time base on the assumption that equal time intervals are proportional to scan distances. The advantage is that there is no need for a software connection between the LCS-PSM software and the scanning software or actuation device. This means you can set up a scanning situation without getting a software engineer involved to connect two sets of software.

Anyone desiring a link to the LCS-PSM software should email and we will send you a link to the Installer and instructions for installing the software. You do not lose any of the PSM functionality and can still use the PSM standalone software.

For a very short video showing the spot motion and logging see below:

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